Differences Between Zoom Basic and Zoom One Pro licenses

Zoom Basic:

    • Meeting Duration: Basic allows meetings with a maximum duration of 40 minutes.
    • Participant Capacity: Up to 100 attendees can join a Basic meeting.
    • Recording: Basic users can record meetings locally.
    • Cloud Storage: Basic does not include cloud storage.
    • Features: Basic provides video, chat, and whiteboard capabilities.
    • Team Chat: Basic includes basic team chat functionality.
    • Price: Basic is free to use.

Zoom One Pro:

    • Meeting Duration: Pro extends meeting duration to 30 hours.
    • Participant Capacity: Pro accommodates up to 100 participants.
    • Recording: Pro allows recording to both local device and 5GB of cloud storage per license.
    • Cloud Storage: Pro includes 5GB of cloud storage.
    • Features: In addition to Basic features, Pro offers an AI companion, mail and calendar services, and more.
    • Team Chat: Pro includes enhanced team chat for collaboration and file sharing.
    • Whiteboards: Pro provides 3 editable whiteboards with 25MB of cloud storage.
    • Zoom Pro Price: 16,000 Taka 1 Year