For professionals and organizations in Bangladesh seeking an enhanced virtual meeting experience, a low-cost Zoom Premium Subscription is now available, starting from BDT 17,000 per Year. This premium offering unlocks advanced features, including unlimited meeting durations, comprehensive user management, administrative controls, and detailed reporting, designed to facilitate seamless communication and efficient administrative oversight for your team or business operations.

Zoom Meeting Plans PRO Price 17,000 Tk | Duration 1 Year

Host 1 + Includes 100 participants

Need more participants?

Unlimited Meetings

User management

Admin feature controls


Custom Personal Meeting ID

Assign scheduler

5GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording

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Enhance Your Virtual Collaboration with Zoom Premium Subscriptions through JamField Solution in Bangladesh

In today’s global business landscape, seamless virtual collaboration is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. JamField Solution bridges the geographical divides by offering comprehensive Zoom Premium Subscriptions in Bangladesh, tailored to meet the demands of modern enterprises and professionals. With Zoom, a leading cloud-based video-conferencing platform, you can effortlessly connect with remote teams and international clients and conduct productive meetings, all within a click’s reach.

Zoom’s robust platform is renowned for its exceptional video and audio quality. Powerful wireless screen-sharing capabilities across various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. This versatility ensures that all participants can engage in a fully immersive meeting experience regardless of their device.

Key features that set Zoom apart are its intuitive recording functions, interactive project collaboration, and screen annotation tools—all woven into one user-friendly interface. These features are indispensable for businesses looking to foster a collaborative environment while managing projects from various locations.

JamField Solution’s commitment to providing outstanding service is evident in our provision of flexible payment options suited to the Bangladeshi market. Preceding the need for international credit cards, we facilitate a hassle-free subscription process, making it more accessible for local organizations to leverage Zoom’s powerful platform.

When you choose JamField Solution for your Zoom Subscription, you’re choosing us to ensure activation—within 24 hours—so that your business can continue to operate without missing a beat. Experience the ease of premium video conferencing and witness how Zoom can transform your business meetings and collaborations.

Choose the Right Plan for Your Team

We understand that every team has unique needs. We offer tailored Zoom package options to align with your business objectives. Whether your preference lies with a flexible monthly subscription or the commitment of an annual plan, we’ve got you covered. Our Pro Monthly Package is perfect for those seeking short-term solutions without long-term obligations.

Download Zoom

Once you’ve pinpointed the ideal Zoom package for your operations, the next step is a breeze. Sign up directly on the Zoom platform or download the application onto your desktop or mobile device. The setup is straightforward, ensuring you can transition smoothly into a superior conferencing experience with minimal delay.

Start Your Meeting

With your Zoom account ready, it’s time to dive into action. Host your first meeting and enjoy the benefits of unlimited meeting durations without the constraints of time limiting your discussions. We ensure that your path to initiating a Zoom meeting is clear and unobstructed, empowering you to focus on what truly matters—your valuable conferences and the discussions that drive your business forward.

Elevate Your Virtual Meetings with Advanced Content Sharing and Collaboration Features

In the digital age, the ability to share and collaborate on content seamlessly during virtual meetings is a game-changer for businesses and educational institutions alike. Leveraging advanced features can transform your meetings from basic video calls into dynamic, interactive sessions that enhance productivity and engagement. Here’s how you can elevate your virtual meetings:

Video Streaming: Experience high-quality live audio and video streams directly from user-managed devices, making every meeting as close to a face-to-face interaction as possible.

Session Recording: Never miss a detail with the stream recording feature, capturing every session for later review or for those who couldn’t attend in real-time.

File Sharing: Share essential documents effortlessly during your meeting, including PowerPoint presentations, images, and other file types, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Whiteboard: Tap into creativity and collaboration with an interactive whiteboard feature, allowing users to brainstorm, sketch, and write ideas in real-time.

Hand Raising: Encourage active participation and orderly discussions with a hand-raising feature, enabling users to signal when they have questions or insight.

Participation Controls: Maintain order and focus by managing participation permissions, allowing admins to mute, unmute, or remove participants as necessary.

Survey Tools: Engage your audience and gather instant feedback with online polls and surveys, making it easy to make informed decisions quickly.

Screen Sharing: Foster a collaborative environment by sharing your screen with all users, showcasing presentations, documents, or websites directly in the meeting.

Technical Support: Access live technical support during meetings to swiftly resolve issues, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted sessions for all users.

Text Chat: Utilize integrated text chat tools for side conversations, questions, or sharing links without interrupting the meeting flow.

Markup Tools: Engage with and annotate different media types during sessions, enhancing the clarity and interactivity of presentations.

Group Live Chat: Foster a dynamic discussion environment with a live chat feed, available even during screen-sharing sessions.

Audio Conferencing: Communicate clearly and efficiently using high-quality audio channels, ensuring every voice is heard.

Video Conferencing: Connect face-to-face with video conferencing, making meetings more personal and engaging.

Live Preview: Monitor what your audience sees in real-time, allowing for adjustments on the fly to ensure optimal presentation quality.

Notifications Blocker: Keep your session focused by blocking notifications from other applications during presentations.

Remote Control: Enhance collaboration by granting participants control over the presentation cursor or tools, fostering a more interactive session.

Switch Presenter: Easily transfer presenter access to another user, making collaborative presentations seamless.

Password Protection: Secure your meetings with password protection, ensuring only invited participants can join.

Recording: Record sessions for later review or for those unable to attend, extending the reach of your content.

Screen Sharing: Share your entire desktop screen or specific applications, making it easier to present documents, slides, or software.

Live Chat & Hand Raise: Encourage active participation with text chat and hand raise features, allowing users to engage and signal when they wish to speak.

Scheduling: Integrate meeting scheduling with your calendar and email software for efficient planning and reminders.

Participant Permissions: Tailor access levels within your meetings, assigning roles such as moderator, presenter, or participant based on individual or group needs.

One-Click Join: Join meetings effortlessly with a single click, bypassing the need for downloads or sign-ins and making access as straightforward as possible.

These comprehensive functionalities and tools are designed to create a more productive, engaging, and secure virtual meeting environment. By leveraging these features, you can ensure that virtual meetings are as effective and impactful as in-person gatherings.

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Zoom Workplace Pro

Original price was: ৳ 19,500.00.Current price is: ৳ 17,800.00.
  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited meetings for up to 30 hours per meeting
  • 5 GB of cloud recording storage (per license)
  • Automated Captions
  • Team Chat
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Whiteboard
  • Clips Plus
  • Notes
  • AI Companion
  • License Duration 1 Year

Zoom Pro

Original price was: ৳ 19,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 17,500.00.
Host up to 100 participants Unlimited meetings for up to 30 hours per meeting 5 GB of cloud recording storage (per license) Automated Captions Whiteboard 3 editable boards Team Chat NEW AI Companion Automate key tasks across the Zoom platform with an AI assistant Essential Apps Free premium apps for 1 year

Zoom Large Meeting 500 User

Original price was: ৳ 105,000.00.Current price is: ৳ 103,000.00.
Host 1  (Included) + 500 User License

Need more participants?

Unlimited Meetings User management Admin feature controls Reporting Custom Personal Meeting ID Assign scheduler 5GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording

Zoom Business Meeting 300 Participant

Include Meetings up to 30 hours per meeting 300 Attendees per meeting Whiteboard Team Chat Mail & Calendar Client Cloud Storage 5GB Include NEW Essential Apps Free premium apps for 1 year (terms apply) Call For Price

Zoom Small Businesses

All the benefits of Pro, plus: Host up to 300 participants Increase participants up to 1,000 with Large Meetings add-on Single sign-on