BOSCH PAVIRO Public Address System

BOSCH PAVIRO Public Address System

PAVIRO is a unique, high-quality Public Address and EN54 certified Voice Evacuation System that seamlessly integrates with additional equipment to deliver high-quality music.

Bosch PAVIRO Public Address and Voice Evacuation System with Professional Sound Quality



From a single system to an IP networked solution allowing decentralized applications

Equipped with the optional Dante network interface module (OM-1), it is possible to create a 16-channel Dante audio network between the individual controllers using standard Ethernet connections and components. This not only improves the size, the IP networking architecture allows users to create network topologies for larger areas via up to four decentralized controllers. In addition, the network configuration provides redundant channels for safety purposes – in case of an emergency these channels will always work for evacuation signals, even if a controller loses network communication.

Flash memory and zone monitoring

With more than 30 minutes of recording storage, a complete evacuation can be recorded for later purposes. The recordings can be listened from the call station or can be downloaded as .wav file. Zone monitoring functionality is integrated into the call stations and allows monitoring of any zone or group in the system.

Lowest power consumption of any system in this class

PAVIRO is built with power efficiency in mind. Power management is integrated in the heart PAVIRO – so you can minimize power consumption by minimizing the number of amplifiers or increase flexibility even more.

Extreme flexibility: PAVIRO can accept changes to the system design at any stage during installation

PAVIRO can handle last minute changes to the system design without problem. That’s because intelligent input switching, dynamic channel assignments and power load sharing makes the system extremely flexible, allowing design changes to be made at any stage of the project without risk.

Fast, easy and complete specification

The basic configuration is a wizard which provides a step-by-step configuration guide. Using this wizard, a complete system can be programmed within 30 minutes versus conventional systems that can take hours or days. The expert mode, based on IRISNet, provides almost unlimited system design flexibility, enabling perfect-fit and highly customized configurations in more complex applications.

Professional sound quality for building occupants

PAVIRO is the result of industry-leading knowledge in professional sound, and includes technologies developed for the Bosch range of professional sound reinforcement audio products, with very high performance as a result. The controller handles signals with over 106dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).

Controllers 1 Up to 4
Routers Up to 20 Up to 39
Amplifiers Up to 50 Up to 200
Call Stations Up to 16 Up to 64
System wide audio channels 4 Up to 16
Zones Up to 492 Up to 984*

* For EN54-16 Systems: Up to 492 zones.


Thanks to its powerful range of features, PAVIRO not only answers an extremely wide variety of application requirements, it also delivers best-in-class performance in quality, ease of installation, and versatility.

Dynamic source routing

Dynamic source routing and intelligent amplifier switching, significantly reduces the number of required amplifiers. This reduces the initial investment and minimizes the power consumption.

Combined or split router loudspeaker line blocks

Each router can handle up to 4000W, in one or two channels on 24 loudspeaker lines, using just one type of amplifier. This creates extreme flexibility in the system. Power load sharing over the zones (from 2W to 500W) makes the system even more flexible – allowing combinations of low and high power zones within a router.

IRISNet integration with standard and advanced configuration

PAVIRO includes a wizard for fast and easy configuration. In addition, the expert configuration provides a unique Task Engine programming environment for further options and flexibility.

Professional Sound Quality

Wide bandwidth (50Hz-20kHz), dynamic system range with more than 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio and very low channel crosstalk together deliver excellent audio quality.


With PAVIRO everyone wins

PAVIRO’s advanced software and intelligent system architecture saves time and costs at specification, at installation, and during the day-to-day usage of the system. Consultants will save time and define a complete system using just a few parameters. Installers will avoid unexpected costs thanks to the system’s extreme flexibility. Building owners will minimize costs of ownership. And building occupants will feel safe in your building while enjoying high quality music and excellent Public Address speech intelligibility.

Fast, efficient specification

With PAVIRO, specifying a complete system is remarkably quick and simple – just a few parameters are needed to design a system: the total loudspeaker power, the number of speaker lines and the number of call stations. This means consultants can serve more clients and substantially increase turnover, and/or offer more competitive pricing.

Additional uses for amplifiers

PAVIRO system amplifiers can be used for AV presentations. To ensure that system channels, are never used for such local needs, each PAVIRO amplifier provides two local audio inputs for local program sources and guarantees full system supervision for Evacuation purposes.

Low operational cost

Operational costs are kept low because PAVIRO uses the latest high-efficiency class-D amplifiers and intelligent power-management hardware and software. These dramatically minimize power consumption.

Low initial investment

PAVIRO uses fewer amplifiers compared to other systems – thanks to the combination of “dynamic source routing” and “intelligent amplifier input switching” – to ensure a low initial investment. With fewer amplifiers in use, fewer batteries need to be replaced on a regular basis, lowering operational costs even more.

Up to four PAVIRO systems can be networked via IP. The network design increases the number of system channels, requires less cabling costs and allows for using existing IP infrastructures and standard IT components.

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