How to split pdf pages in nitro pro

Nitro Pro provides powerful tools for splitting PDF pages, allowing you to extract specific sections or organize content efficiently. Follow these steps to split your PDF files:
  1. Open Your Document in Nitro Pro:
    • Launch Nitro Pro and open the PDF document you want to split.
  2. Navigate to the Page Layout Tab:
    • Click on the Page Layout tab in the Nitro Pro interface.
  3. Select the Split Option:
    • Within the Page Layout tab, locate and select the Split option.
    • If you haven’t saved changes to the file, Nitro will prompt you to save it first.
  4. Configure Splitting Settings:
    • A new window will open for Split Pages.
    • Here, you can customize the following settings:
      • Splitting Method: Choose how you want to split the pages (e.g., by groups, bookmarks, page range, or file size).
      • General Settings: Adjust any additional preferences.
      • Output Destination: Specify where the split files should be saved.

Now you’re ready to split your PDF pages efficiently using Nitro Pro!