Why You Need Mobile IP Phone apps?

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With the development of IP Phone technology over ongoing years, mobile IP Phone apps has become an easily recognized term in the business lexicon. A mobile IP Phone apps, for those who aren’t acquainted with the term, is a software application that allows people to make calls over the Internet in mobile devices. Businesses, however, aren’t just mind of the term; they are also seeing the benefits that this type of solution can provide to their organization.

Coming packed with a slack of business-critical features, mobile IP Phone apps allows business to leverage the power of IP Phone anywhere easily and conveniently. Whether you want a new way to enable mobility for your team, or looking to outfit your employees with business-enhancing collaboration tools, mobile IP Phone apps is the perfect fit. Below are 5 major reasons why you need a mobile IP Phone apps.

Your Business Extension in Your Pocket

Your smartphone offers great mobility for making everyday phone calls, texting, and more. When you need to deal with a business call, however, there are features that your native dialer simply doesn’t support. Mobile IP Phone apps, designed to offer an alternative to your standard smartphone dialer with a slack of business IP Phone features, are here to help.

With the ability to access enterprise phone system, a solid mobile IP Phone apps can turn your smartphone into a fully-featured office extension and gives you the flexibility of working from anywhere. For example, with Yeastar Linkus mobile IP Phone apps installed on your smartphones, all your office extension features will always be at your fingertips. Simply by a touch on your phone screen, you can check voicemail, look through the office directory, dial extensions, transfer a business call, and even more. Productivity no longer suffers from being away from the office building. And the worry of missing important calls could also be eliminated as your business extension is always with you.

Stay Connected and Collaborative Anywhere Anytime

Your Business Extension in Your Pocket
Outfit your mobile workers with a fully-featured on-the-go business phone, and give them the flexibility of working anywhere anytime.

Consolidated Collaboration with Unified Communications
Let your team collaborate closely with advanced unified Communications features like messaging, presence, conferencing and file sharing.

Keep Personal Number Private
Maintain your business identity with one number reach for work purposes and avoid the necessity of giving out personal number.

Ease of Use and Management
Handle business call easily with intuitive interfaces: visual voicemail, one-touch recording, incoming call notifications and more.

Slashed Call Costs
Enjoy free internal office calls no matter where you are, and make long-distance or international call at cheaper rates.
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