Cambium Networks Outdoor WiFi Solution

outdoor wifi solution

Enterprise Outdoor WiFi High capacity, high performance.Commercial outdoor WiFi equipment for any demanding environment requiring cost-effective, controller-managed access points. Optimized for enterprise, education or industrial campuses, public WiFi, and hospitality.

Cambium Networks offers secure, scalable, cloud-managed WiFi solutions for homes, small business, and both indoor and outdoor enterprise applications.

Outdoor Wifi and Wireless Routers

Providing outdoor WiFi lets business owners and public space operators offer their communities more.
With outdoor WiFi, enjoy a day out while staying connected. Our Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) wireless network solutions work with our cnPilot™ WiFi access points to bring WiFi where you need it, without the expense of wired infrastructure. Just add power.


A power source is all you need to bring WiFi to public spaces. Our PTP and PMP wireless network solutions take care of the rest – even powering the cnPilot E500 and ePMP™ 1000 Hotspot WiFi access points.


With our PTP and PMP solutions enabling faster WiFi deployment than ever before (average of under 20 minutes per access point), your network can be up and running with unprecedented convenience.


With cnMaestro™ end-to-end cloud management, you can easily and securely operate your network from anywhere in the world. Comprehensive alerting and reporting keep you ready to solve any problems that arise. Visibility down to individually connected WiFi devices means you’re continuously informed about your network.
cnPilot™ E500 Outdoor Omni
Gigabit IP67 802.11ac Outdoor Access Point
Omni coverage for Enterprise campuses, Public WiFi, Hospitality,
Educational institutions, Industrial campuses or just about any demanding
outdoor environment requiring cost-effective, controller managed WLAN
Access Points.
Operational superiority – Supporting 256 max concurrent client associations, 16 SSIDs, WPA-2 encryption, Dynamic VLANs, DFS channels, Access control lists (ACL), zero touch provisioning and more, the 802.11ac E500 is the essential workhorse for today’s demanding high density outdoor WiFi networks.
High performance WiFi network
All cnPilot’s Enterprise Access Points (APs), support features like controllerless roaming, dynamic channel selection, automatic transmit power control, band steering, and more – essential features for easy WiFi operations.
Mesh Rapidly setup multi-hop mesh networks either dedicating one radio (e.g.: 5 GHz) for mesh backhaul, or using both bands for client access at the same time.
Wireless Backhaul Integration – the aux PoE port on the E500 offers PoE out eliminating the need for a second power line – perfect for powering on a standard 802.3af camera, or powering on Cambium’s PMP450 or ePMP backhaul subscriber modules (SMs) for wireless backhaul enabled WiFi hotspots.
Resilience – Dual on-board Active/Standby memory banks ensure higher availability. The E500 can store two versions of the software and if needed fall back to a working operational software, reducing the likelihood of site visits and increasing network up-time.
Designed for the outdoors
• 802.11ac, 256 users, 16 SSIDs
• Omni coverage
• UV rated IP-67 enclosure
• UV rated IP-67 enclosure
• Operating Temp: -30°C ~ +60°C
• Electrical heater for cold start
• Ruggedized – ESD protection,
Industrial grade components
• Packaged with wall mount brackets
• Special LTE coexistence filters
• Light weight – 881g
cnMaestro – WiFi Controller
• Guest Access: Custom Splash pages,
Vouchers, Social login
• Zero-touch Provisioning
• Inventory tracking
• Map location
• Monitoring: key Stats, Alarms
• Mass (bulk) upgrade
• Integrated troubleshooting: WiFi APs,
Clients & Cambium SMs
• Available in Cloud or as On-premises
(NOC) Virtual controller

The cnPilot E500 delivers features typically found in access points at twice the price. Packing a high transmit power of 29 dBm, the ability to daisy-chain power via a PoE out port to power a security camera or a wireless backhaul link node, an LTE co-existence filter to filter out nearby small cell LTE interference, the E500 can support a large number of users in difficult outdoor conditions perfect for any location where a high-performance outdoor 802.11ac WLAN Access Point is needed. The E500 is easily managed through cnMaestro™, the Cambium Networks cloud-based or on-premises based WiFi controller.

Key features of E500 include:

Designed for high-capacity situations, supporting up to 256 active users and 16 SSIDs
IP67 rated with pressure vent – made to withstand demanding outdoor environments, resistant to wind, sand and rain, and prevent internal damage from moisture accumulation
Mesh backhauling capability for convenient outdoor deployments
Best radio for the price point, offering reliable, high-capacity solution at a significantly lower cost than comparable competitors
Easy to deploy and integrate, supported by cnMaestro’s controller capabilities
“The E500 has proven that it can support the extensive network demands of our public WiFi and public safety equipment,” said Brian Magnuson, President of Cascade Networks, Washington, USA. “The radio is positioned in an area subject to extreme outdoor environmental and RF conditions and the network has performed reliably no matter the situation. The product was extremely easy to deploy and has brought much-needed connectivity and processing power to an otherwise underserved area.”

“High capacity Outdoor deployments need the power of backhaul flexibility when wired networks are not available, and cnPilot E500 provides two options. “It can be configured to be backhauled by Cambium’s proven ePMP, PMP or PTP solutions for longer distances, or deployed in a mesh configuration where it can form wireless links with any of our indoor and outdoor WiFi access points.”

Superior performance that stands up to challenges
High performance capabilities for real world outdoor WiFi deployment
Compelling radio features bundled with the simplicity of controller-less roaming – Automatic Channel Scanning (ACS), band steering, pre-set SSID scheduling, and more.

Deploy with confidence
For high demand deployments – events, public, or high-capacity outdoor campus WiFi – cnPilot can handle it all, offering 256 max concurrent client associations, Dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) concurrent access, up to 16 SSIDs, and approval for use with DFS channels.

The flexibility of mesh
Mesh networks enable rapid deployment of multiple APs in customizable configurations. For example, a 5 GHz radio for dedicated backhaul and a 2.4 GHz radio for dedicated client access.

Rugged and resilient
The IP67-rated durable, industrial-grade components surpass the challenges of elements and interference, with venting to avoid moisture accumulation and LTE coexistence filters to avoid noise from adjacent band LTE band transmissions.

Wireless backhaul integration
Each cnPilot outdoor WiFi AP features two Gigabit Ethernet ports and an AUX port capability, enabling outdoor WiFi deployment anywhere with additional power available for another backhaul radio, security camera, or other additional equipment.

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