Access Control Solution

access control Solution

Many organizations need more than just a basic access control system, which locks and unlocks doors. Advanced access control systems can provide vital data to help you monitor and manage events at your facility. With state-of-the-art facility access control from JamField, you will know:


Who went where?

What did they do?

When did they do it?

JamField can provide you complete access control system design, expert installation, and round-the-clock monitoring. We offer swift response times, comprehensive maintenance contracts, a secure inventory of spare cards for next day delivery, repair parts, and effective service levels. Our solutions include network based access control and professional card, finger print, face detection Biometric access control systems.


Access control provides the authority and intelligence you need to maintain complete security across the full span of your operation’s critical facilities – from single door sites to multiple entry locations across the locations. In addition, the right system can also help ensure regulatory compliance, asset protection, and deliver a healthy ROI.


As a business owner or property manager, you understand the imperative nature of having efficient, dynamic security measures put into place for all factors of your business. With the proliferation and sophistication of modern hackers, network security has become a top priority for many businesses. However, facility security is just as important to the livelihood of your business and should be considered just as seriously as network security.


Facility access control security can be an easy, affordable, and effective solution for your facility security needs. Managing a facility access control security system can be an extensive, daunting process that can detract property managers from investing in this kind of system. Due to a lack of context or background, many businesses and property managers may be at risk of choosing a less appropriate solution for their facility or neglect it all together. This can result in a negligent security system that can leave your business at risk. Understanding the available options appropriate for your facility and business type while partnering with a team of industry experts can help provide a comprehensive picture.


Today’s access control systems can offer an unrivaled level of facility security. These systems are highly customizable for your facility and business type and can provide real-time insight into the areas of the facility that are being accessed at any given date and time. Some of these dynamic systems can even easily integrate with other facility security systems in place such as closed circuit cameras or alarm systems.


Why do I need door access control security for my business?

These are many benefits to access control security such as:


Harder to break – While physical keys can be easily duplicated, credentials necessary for access control security systems are much more sophisticated.

Decrease chances of accidental breaches – When a key is lost or stolen, it always puts your business in an immediate risk of a security breach for your facility and replacing locks can be both inconvenient and expensive. With an access control security system, it is easy to issue new keys and deactivate others that are lost, stolen, or belong to former employees.

Keep track of facility activity – With facility access control security, every single entry and exit is logged. This can be beneficial for tracking internal response times and activity and can also be an invaluable tool when investigating theft or vandalism.

Customizable – Facility access control security systems are easily customizable for any flexible business. This type of system allows you to set user-level access rights down to individual doors and times. This helps decrease risk by granting access to specific high-security spaces to no more employees than is necessary and can be catered to varying projects or developments.

Types of Access Control Security Systems

Key Card System

Electronic key card systems are one of the most secure access control systems currently available. These systems replace locks on any door with electronic devices that are operated by swiping an authorized card which then unlocks the door. This helps not only keep unwanted trespassers out of the building but also helps keep track of who is coming and leaving at any given time. Some key card systems can also send notifications of a door being propped for too long, if desired. Key card access systems have the capability of remaining unlocked during business hours and can be locked at any pre-programmed time.



An emerging facility access control system in both the public and private sectors, biometric security is becoming an increasingly more popular solution for business’ security needs. According to a Research report, the global biometrics market is projected to surpass $24.8 billion by 2021. These systems are capable of providing accurate validation based on various forms of biometrics including facial, iris, fingerprint, and vascular pattern recognition. Biometric security systems are ideal for a variety of public and private offices for purposes of authentication, access control time, time and attendance, etc.


WiFi-Enabled Access Control Readers

According to News over 1 billion wifi-connected technologies will be in use worldwide in 2016, up 30 percent from 2015, and will reach 3.8 billion by 2020. WiFi-connected facility access control security systems are one of the most accessible, intelligent security options available. These systems provide ease of use, as they offer simple mobile credentials. Although it does require your employees and others with access to own a mobile device with wifi capabilities, this kind of system offers flexibility and can grow with you as your company flourishes.


Offline Locks

Instead of relying on wiring in to bluetooth or the internet, these locks are battery-operated, stand-alone units that are a lower-cost alternative to online locks while providing ample security. Although independent elements, these locks can easily be integrated into most facility access control security systems.


Facility access control security systems can yield many benefits to a growing and adapting business. The key to a successful access control system for your business is having the expertise necessary to tailor the hardware and security network for your specific needs. No matter the size of your business and the extent of the security needed, partnering with a well-versed security provider is the easiest way to ensure you have the best solution for your type of business.


At JamField, we provide a suite of services and support for facility access control security systems in Bangladesh. With Project experience in security management for a range of brands and businesses, we have an unprecedented expertise in new technology and keeping businesses secured. Learn more about our services or give us a call to find out more about how we can help meet your access control needs.


Security access control systems can help you:

Control fixed locations – With the right system in place, you maintain control over access to buildings, parking facilities, loading bays, data rooms and file storage areas.

Control movement within locations – Effectively control the security of your organization by managing access to authorized personnel, locking down facilities and monitoring alarm points.

Control access to equipment and technology – Intelligent access control systems can also authorize control over the usage of heavy machinery, work vehicles and company fleets, as well as computers and computer networks.

JamField can assess the current state of your facility and help you map a path to greater access control. Call Us For more Information About Access Control Installation.

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